Learning & Coaching

God himself does not give us lectures, HE provides us with the right circumstances so that we can figure things out by ourselves.

So how can we tell each other what to think, how to feel, and what to believe?

However, we have been doing this for many years. Killing, softly, people's natural connection with above from a very young age.

Genuine learning happens by itself, like many schools that are now called "alternatives" do, simply by providing a safe space of exposure for children, letting them be inspired by their own inner guidance, and pure interest for things.

Is it possible that what we think needs to be saved now, is, precisely, what needs to go?

What is it that Corona is doing that is so horrible? More than what we have been doing for a very long time? To our own "selves" and to each other?

Maybe, we can let our arms fall heavily, on both sides of our body, finally...

For what is left to see, is what is going to be there forever, pure Life.