The Mirror of Love

One day, a priest told me: "it is only when you are loved that you can truly know who you are", and that sentence echos in my mind since then.

He also said: "we are poor of what we do not give to others, and rich of what we share".

Fine, let's examine this...

Does the above mean that, if you had a tough childhood, or hurtful experiences, or have never been taught how to relate to others through love and kindness, or simply had a strict and cold upbringing, that you will NEVER know who you are?

Honestly, it is likely that it will take you more time to figure it out.

But... isn't that first sentence, in itself, freeing from all the guilt? 

Doesn't it, at least, lift the pressure off of you?

Doesn't it tell you that it was, and is, not your fault?

You might even have felt shame during all those years, when you did not know, and maybe still don't, who you are, and what you came to do.

Remember it.

It was not your fault then, and it is not your fault now.

As a physical mirror shows us the state of our body, Love shows us the state of our heart.

After crying the pain out, you can start to see beyond the "dust", into an inner mirror that you didn't know existed, and that can, now, reflect the depth, and beauty, of your Truth.

However, it is not yet the time to share it.

It is the time to be nurtured and healed by it. 

The second sentence reminds us that one needs to share with others in order to become richer of that, that we share.

At this stage, treat "the others" as "me", or "I". 

Just for a while. 

Once you are not in that much need any longer, it will be such a pleasure and gratitude for you to spread your kindness, effortlessly.