Truth is, I feel "Him", every time I don't need to speak with others that are willing to make things complicated, conditional, and out of reach, and overshadow my simple joy with their cumbersome knowledge.

I feel Him in a mosque, a church, or  a cathedral. Anywhere my dear fellow humans spent decades crying, praying and sharing their sorrows, as well as their joys and hopes with Him, before leaving, letting the walls of each place, bearing witness of their authenticity.

I feel Him every time there is silence, purity, and nobility of thoughts.

I feel Him every time there is no knowledge, but innocence and simplicity.

I feel Him when He strikes me with His Grace, while I sit alone on a bench, under a beautiful tree, in a park.

I feel Him in the smile of a child, and the visit of a stray cat that comes along to share emotions with me for long minutes, before moving on.

I feel Him every time I don't need to repeat a thousand times the same verses, or go to a specific place at a specific time, unless, of course, I feel it.

I feel Him when he cleanses my soul from the pain through torrents of tears and brings my heart back to life, once again.

I feel Him when my body is kept pure by the beautiful conservative values He anchored in me.

I feel Him whenever my sight is clear and no one is blocking the path between me and the rays of the sun.

I feel Him every time he makes me love something, or someone, genuinely.

I feel Him when He makes me overly sensitive.

I feel Him when He makes me knowledgeable in great detail so that I can avoid having a mere superficial and imaginary relationship with Him, and then allows me to transcend that knowledge to become like a child again.

For the only means and moments I have to truly align with Him is  "NOW", where no history exists, no specific skills are required, and no tomorrow is needed.

In the genuine, amazing, magical, wild, and eternal "NOW", where everything is direct, simple, and HE is so close.