Time expands only when we stop running around the clock, for everything we run after, becomes scarce and flees away from us. 

Those of you who remember the time when we had to sit and write a letter, go to the post office to have it stamped, and wait until it would arrive to another country or city, to receive news back from the person we wrote to, will be able to say if they felt they had more time then, than they do now. 

You will say, "yes, but I have a million things to do, how can I not run around the clock?" 

And no, it is BECAUSE you run after time that you have a million things to do. 

And the more you do, the more it seems to never be enough.

If you can, sit under a tree in a quiet place for 5 minutes without moving your body, be completely still and listen...come back and comment below what you found out.

So let us start again:

This morning, you wake up...

Do you really want / need to do all these things?

And do you want/have to do them the same way?

Have a wonderful and peaceful day, for after all is done, the only thing that remains unshaken, untouched, and unchanged, is Life and the Love it has for You.