To make a change, we have to take our bodies with us...

We often say, yes, I believe "everything is possible", or, "I know I am guided and protected", and so many other beliefs we claim we have...

But, when it comes to practice, is it really true?

Our body is our unconscious mind, our memory and conditioning. It literally IS the things we have been practicing for a long time, the thoughts that we have been thinking for a long time, and that turned into beliefs. 

Therefore, there is always a small gap between the new belief I pretend to have and my "ancient self", or body. 

I need to take it with me when I make the change!

There will be a period of slight discomfort or even great resistance, but it does not matter, it is part of the package.

For example, if I believe " I do not need to go to the gym to have a nice body, I believe God takes care of it and I do not need to make so much effort".

Then, let's see, what I now need to do is teach my body who is the boss.

Show my body that my statement is the new ruler.

To efficiently talk to my old Self, I need to make sure my new Self is strong enough to win! For the older one has more momentum, practice and evidence!

So to support the new belief, what I will need, is to stop going to the gym! From one day to the other. My body will be kicking and screaming, like a little child, but it is part of the expansion process, and it will soon be over.

After a few days of firm practice, my body will have no other option but to join me in nurturing the new belief I have set as a reference. And, when I sit to meditate, it will accompany me, and I will be able to use all its energy, for I will be whole now, and not divided.

After a while, I would even be able to go back to the gym, but not to loose weight, look better, or train every single muscle of my body in a hard way, even the muscles I do not know exist, no! I might now go completely relaxed, just to enjoy. Instead of staying 1h30 or 2hours like I used to before, I can now just spend 30 minutes on my favorite machine, for example, the conveyor belt, walking, and watching through the window, while I day dream and listen to my all times best favorite music.

If I believe, "I do not need this job, I know I am talented in what I truly love and can live from it", now I need to stop my feet from taken me, day after day, to that old job!

If I believe, "this group of friends I have right now do not really uplift me or nurture me, or teach me anything new, I need brighter people", then what I need to do is to stop hanging out with them so much, even it is means spending more time alone. For a new door will open when I close the old one.

Waiting to be "ready" is good, but what does it really mean?

It can mean to be determined enough to be willing to go through the discomfort a little bit and know, in advance, what will happen and be prepared for it.

Simply, softly, generously, patiently, firmly and tenderly. 

So much more examples can be taken...this is a good moment to do this!

Adapt, enjoy, for you command.