There are as many truths as there are human beings on earth.

We can compare them, classify them, agree or disagree with them, but this won't change anything.

As long as we don't know why people do what they do, we can't judge them. And even if we know, we still can't judge them, but at least, we can try and better understand them.

This is the reason why it is easy to talk to masses and try to influence them but the truth is, as soon as the leader disappears, masses get back to being lost. This is because change can only be lived, and felt, at a deeper, individual level.

Anyone can take a microphone and try and empower you, but since you are unique, in your life experiences, path, character, sensitivity, understandings, beliefs and will, they won't be able to really help you unless they know you.


What people say can only be generic, this is why it is not always possible to apply to our lives what we hear on YouTube, or read in a book. 

This is also why we can get addicted to what we hear or read, and never seem to get enough of it, because it is not tailor made for us. Since there are no meaningful results, we think we need to keep on hearing and reading.

This is when we get addicted to self-development and help.

We think we are doing better because people's passion and energy are contagious, but as soon as we are back to "us", we need some more of "it", and start over again. 

It is the complete opposite we need to do. 

Listen very little, from selected and very few sources, and promise ourselves not to listen to anything else, until we've made significant progress in a specific area of our life. 

Then, once this is done, tackle the next area, and the next, and so on.

To avoid being depended on the nice words we hear, we need to apply the appropriate amount of theory, followed by meaningful steps and change in the real world, this is the only recipe to success. 

One little step at a time, TODAY.

It might be for example, to go and buy the food you know you need to eat. Not all of it for the whole month, but just for today and tomorrow's breakfast.

It might be, to take courage and give the person you like a glimpse of your feelings, maybe a text message to ask them how they're doing?

It might be to just send one or two CVs, to positions you're sincerely interested in, not out of fear of not finding anything.

It might be to get up earlier, just 30 minutes, just to see how it feels.

And so much more...

Remember to put the theory aside from time to time, get up, live, and have fun.