Love is sacred, pure and unfocused, and our hearts long to shelter all the aspects of Love, but society made us a little bit too focused and stiff. 

An elder woman shall give her love and affection to a younger man/ woman, within the shape of an older sister's love, and vice versa, but the ways of the world, and our own sufferings, made Love impure. This is why we refrain from it, and crave it at the same time...

We lost our agility and ability to give and receive Love in all its shapes because of the cultural need to frame it, understand it, and make sense of it, and of the religious will to always find approaches to make it inappropriate.

No wonder then, that all these powerful momentums made us fear Love and become unsure of our capacity to share it while remaining sane and grounded. 

For indeed, everything that is not practiced becomes scary and sadly weird.

Isn't, in fact, a real gentleman, a gentleman all the time? Whether with a 17 year old, unknown girl, to whom he holds the door, or with his own mother and wife?

In the same way, isn't a nurturing woman always nurturing, whether with her own husband & children or a teenager in the street?

While it remains pure, healthy and sincere, we all need, aside from our families, older and younger brothers and sisters to complete us.

Our heart aches when it tries to close, for it is big enough to preciously guard and distribute all kinds of Love.

Keep it open, and witness a soft and benevolent magic operate through you.

Wish you unity, harmony and deep and true fulfillment.

PS: You have to be "healed" and have excellent, extremely sharp, and firm boundaries to practice all types of Love. When you do, it is a delight, and you can trust yourself in all situations. Let me insist on "trusting yourself in all situations"...

You'll "know" it when you won't feel the urge to run away from someone because you own what you feel for them completely, without having to act upon it. You'll "feel" it when you can be vulnerable to another person's affection, or to your own affection towards someone, and being liberated by it, instead of enslaved.

For indeed, it is when you deny feelings that they hunt you, and when you welcome them, they leave you at peace for you transcend them.

So you can try and run as fast and far as you want, you are the danger inside of you.

When you are able to hold your ground while enjoying a moment of sane and smart sharing, when you don't lose site of yourself and your own purpose, when you are full of attention and care towards your own needs, when you can see when the person in front of you isn't aware and know when and how to leave, and last but not least, when you can truly relax, ...

You then become a light into other people's life, as they do, in yours.