What I dislike is directly linked to my progress, for if I keep contrast in my life, it will enable me to want what I want even more.

Of course, having good friends who are positive and believe in me is crucial, as keeping the imagine of who I don't want to become, very close to me, also is. 

For indeed, we all need a little bit of reverse psychology from time to time. Like the day you feel ugly, miserable and unworthy, and someone tells you: "Yes, you are! And you will, probably, stay like this forever!"

We can say whatever we want, but it boosts us, for we like to prove people wrong and we love doing the opposite of what is expected.

Thinking of who you wish to become is good, but it can, also, bring you down while reminding you that you are still not "that"...

On the other hand, keeping at all times, who you do NOT want to resemble very present, is almost guaranteed success I think, for it can give you rage and rage is a powerful creative energy.

Use it for your own good.

Let it infuse in you the feelings of drive and determination.

That is why, keeping "your enemies" close as a reminder of the things, persons, ways of living and thinking that don't suit you, is quite efficient.

So I wouldn't completely avoid these things, for once the landscape is too harmonious, it can be dull, and too much ease is, in fact, counterproductive.

It's trying to reach a good balance, between tension and relaxation, like in sports.

Wish us a lovely, conscious and entertaining adversity that does not consume us, but becomes fuel to our expansion.