When should one seek assistance or counseling?

Only if one feels bad, and NEVER, EVER, because one does not fit a concept.

And never feel bad for not fitting a concept.

For what does it mean to be responsible? Or too shy? Not outgoing enough? Down to earth or not?

And who decides of the meaning?

In the Middle East and Asia, shyness is a virtue, specially for girls, not in other parts of the world.

And every concept can be revisited in the same way.

So where should you go, and what should you do?


Just make sure to feel bad at least for "good reasons", and not because someone else made you think you have a problem.

For who are we to complicate this experience on earth?

Don't get stuck in the "rational", for the "wise" is way beyond it.

For how does one really get acquainted with oneself if not, first and foremost, through the acceptance of one's unique features.