Wisdom of  True Strength

Sometimes, after facing pain in love, you tend to avoid relationships and force yourself to keep other people far, or even out.  

Sometimes, when you feel discomfort at work, you think it is strength to ignore it, and stay.

But it requires a lot more energy to try and close your heart than to keep it the way it has been created: open.

All that you "cover up" , or "fight against", becomes stronger.

And the journey far away from yourself begins...

And it is sometimes dangerous, for you can really go very far,  and the way back is hard. Look around you, look inside of you...

This is the world of the Ego Strength.

The one that makes you dependent on the recognition and acceptance of others.

Try it and think about it, as long as you are on a path that is not yours, you MUST live for the look of people about you, for it becomes the only thing that can save you, and bring any sense out of where you ended up.

And since we cannot live without love, we look for it in the wrong places.

The strength of Love is gentle surrender.

You are obedient to your needs.

You do not see them as obstacles or weaknesses to your growth any longer, as the world of the ego painted them.

They are ALLIES to the love of yourself.

You become totally unable to hurt yourself, not even for one second. 

Not with a single word you do not want to utter,  or an activity you do not want to do.

This is True Strength, the one that lies within the acceptance of how God created you and what you really need.

Keeping this truth will make you stronger when you have a disagreement with people. Since the love for yourself has increased, you will understand all disagreements. 

It is a difference of vibration.

You will not take things personally anymore.

Do not resist

The needs of your soul are part of your design, and the Ego cannot reach them.