Wise delegation is when one has made peace with spending money, or exchange services, rather than spending one's own energy in tasks that others know better.

When one has come to terms with the fact that, to reach a level of excellency in a specific area, one needs to drop certain activities that are either not necessary, or that others could do for us.

One could argue, however, that before reaching that level of mastery, and be able to collect the financial fruits that would come out of such wisdom and expertise, one cannot spend too much money...

For one still needs to cook, clean the house, do the grocery, keep a certain level of physical activity (even if mild), visit one's family, etc...

Yes, but still...

The main focus, the first point of attraction, where our main level of energy needs to flow, is into the direction of that specific skill we wish to develop.

Healthy selfishness and concentration are absolutely necessary in that case.

Spending money, or exchange services when possible, to free oneself from tasks that one could easily delegate is very important, for our energy is far more valuable than our money. While you spend your money, you increase your level of dedication, concentration, focus, attention, capability and love for whatever it is you need to accomplish.

It is, therefore, far more than just having someone come clean the house for you, it is, literally, taking that task out of your mental space and physical reality.

Think of delegation as a great investment for your present and future and not only as the result of a great success.

Also, as mentioned previously, delegation does not always have to go hand in hand with spending huge amounts of money, but can be the foundation of a smart exchange of services.

Therefore, in all areas of your life where you can, delegate.

Keep in your emotional and physical space as light as possible and avoid useless conversations, whether professional or personal, for they are energy killers.

Keep your mind as sharp, dedicated, precise and accurate as possible, so that what really needs to get out of the fog and shine, can finally do so.

Wishing you lots of pleasant and sharp clarity.